The Art of Dining

First impressions are formed in the first few seconds of meeting a person. We will cover how to make a proper introduction and the best way to a make a good first impression.

Knife Lesson
In this lesson, students will learn the use of various knives for bread and butter and the main entrée. We will cover how to hold and control a knife, what each knife is used for and proper placement of the knives during the meal. In addition we learn the 4 uses of the napkin, 2 types of glasses, and proper passing.

The Spoon Lesson
We cover four of the 14 different spoons recognized in today’s entertaining. We learn the proper steps to eating soup and parfaits. We work on table approach and seating and conversation skills.

The Fork Lesson
Indentifying the proper fork to be used with each course. American and Continental dining styles are taught as well as the proper resting and closeout positions.

Elegant Four-Course Dining Experience & Student Graduation Dinner
The students show off their newly acquired skills. The event consists of a four-course meal with emphasis on all the skills learned, together with short presentations from each student during the meal. Parents are invited after dinner for a graduation presentation and short review.

Holiday Etiquette Primer

Help prepare your children for a great holiday season
Students will experience:
Introductions and first impressions
How to set a proper table
Being seated at the dining table
Formal table settings
Proper use and form with the silverware and glassware
Napkin training
Table behavior

A special 5 course meal will be enjoyed

Senior Dinner

This is a one evening class and we will cover:
Refresher of proper introductions, handshakes and what you should say in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone.
Conversation skills for meeting new people, mingling and the dining table.
Table approach, seating and appropriate times to stand
Silverware, glassware and napkin training.
Students will work with and master a minimum of 10 pieces of silverware and apply knowledge to everyday and fine dining situations

The menu will include:
Shrimp cocktail on ice with fresh lemons and cocktail sauce
Light chilled cream soup and brochette
Garden fresh salad of baby greens accompanied by passed dressings
A palate cleanser of a refreshing sorbet
Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon, garlic whipped potatoes and haricot verts
Chocolate torte with vanilla bean ice cream
Fresh brewed coffee and hot tea service
Finger bowls